The Clinic Guide

  • $129.00

The Clinic Guide was developed by Kevin B. Rosenbloom, Biomechanist and Pedorthist bringing biomechanics back to the forefront of overall wellness and longevity. The book assists prescribing clinicians and clinic support staff to accurately provide elite solutions for their patients' pathologies. 

From casting, to materials selection, modifications and finishings - this book of solutions will eliminate the confusion of what needs to be included to treat specific patient requirements - and also support the lab technicians to understand exactly what is being requested. 

Every Podiatrist, Orthopedist, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor across the Globe should have this book in their clinic, an essential resource. 

Each book will be accompanied by 1 complimentary pair of custom made orthotics by Kevin Orthopedic Laboratory*. Use this on yourself, a staff member, your spouse - it will give you the chance of experiencing new solutions you'll have learned from this book. 
*US only. For other Countries, additional freight charges will apply.